Advanced technology for remote self checking. Our ID check and face recognition technologies improve significantly the security during the event. 


Our Technology is designed to provide customers with a frictionless experience and to give organizers tools for online monitoring, and control.


We provide event organizers with wealth of data to increase customer retention rate, supply market data to sponsors, and improve operations.



Pre Check-in

  • Several days before the event we send a link to the customer to upload his ID and further authenticate himself.

  • Through our advanced face recognition technology we check the authenticity of the user and if everything is correct ask them to set their payment profile.

  • We use industry standard PCI DSS protocols to process, and handle sensitive credit card information.

Access control

  • Once the bracelet has been activated a single tap on the entry door sensor allows the system to automatically check the right to acces.

  • We eliminate ticket fraud, and create a safe environment inside your event. 

  • We also manage red alerts to mark inappropriate customer behaviour and resrict further use of alcohol if the promoter desires so. 

Cashless payment

  • We integrate with the payment gateway of the promotor's preffered bank.

  • Payment transactions are possible only in the closed, secured circuit of the event offering additional security to the payment instruments. 

  • Recharges are done in the individual manner set up by every customer.

Inventory control 

  • We create local warehouses and control supplies in real time.

  • We automatically register every sale into the inventory control system .

  • We offer information for the sales done by every food corner and by every registered employee.

  • We provide the tools for dynamic online change of sales prices.

Social media engagement

  • The wearable allows to collect data of consumption behaviour and use it to analyze further offers and sponsor related information.

  • Connection with social media profiles improves popularity of the event and help increase sales in further events.

Business intelligence

  • We provide customized event and post-event reports to help you measure and improve your activity.

  • Examples of reports include: total sales, sales by location, sales by individual employee, sales per hour (to detect dead hours and improve staff allocation), brand consumption by age, sex, origin, etc.

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